• Detailed Information

    Detailed Information

    The Terroir range was born from our desire to express Portugal with its thousand facets and enormous diversity. Thus was born our first white wine. With this idea of showing Portugal joined the desire to do something that was different from what is out there.

    So we created a more German style that is our interpretation. And so along the banks of the River Minho, vis-à-vis Galicia, our White Blend was born. A wine made with a Kabinett style in mind - in the hands of Jorge Gonçalves, a true interchange between cultures in favor of wine.

    Alvarinho and Trajadura are the stars of this wine that is made in a spectacular way and very surprising in its result.

    Other Vintages: 2019

  • Tasting Notes

    Tasting Notes

    Clear citrine yellow crystalline

    The wine has intense primary aromas of tropical fruits such as mango and papaya, with yellow fruits like peach and passion fruit and a touch of lime. There is also a floral of spring flowers and chamomile.

    The wine is intense in the mouth as can be seen in the nose, high acidity and well balanced with the residual sugar of this wine giving a more unctuous aspect in the mouth, the fruity flavors combined with the acidity brings to the wine freshness and with prolonged end of mouth.

    An extremely gastronomic wine and requires food accompaniment, with high acidity and robust body this wine is perfect for fatter foods such as Cod with Cream, Barbecue, Roasted Tofu or Grilled Tuna.

  • Viticulture & Oenology

    Viticulture & Oenology

    Most of the grapes for the White Blend come from and around Monção. Near the banks of the river Minho next to Galicia we have several vineyards where the fruits that bring us this wonderful nectar are cultivated.

    The production per hectare is between 7 and 9 tons. Very dependent on the characteristics of the vineyards. Even though they are neighbors, here we have several micro-climates that greatly influence the result of the harvest.

    The soils are mostly granitic and sandy. Clay gives us minerality and acidity structured that potentiates the stage in bottle.

    The vines have ages that vary. The youngest is 5 years old and the oldest 25. On average we are 15 years old.

    The grapes were harvested by hand. The selection is meticulous to ensure the health of the grape at the time of harvest.

    The must fermented with selected yeasts to direct the fruity aromas and flavors. This happened in stainless steel tanks with strict (low) temperature control. The young wine aged on the fine lees for 3 months before being bottled.

About the Label

This label was 100% influenced by the beautiful Portuguese villages and towns, you can almost smell Portugal in this image, people passing by, a beautiful background sun and the portrait of what we live every day living in this land, this inspired us to tell in art form a little of this experience and bring you the feeling of being in a Portuguese village.

“Close Wendel’s eyes and go to Portugal for a few minutes and you will almost feel the conversations, the tinkling of the plates and glasses of the taverns, the river breeze and the smell of the fried fish, of the Cod, of the Cozido à Portuguesa, all listening… .. ”it is a Portuguese house for sure”… stop for laughs ”As soon as Lívia introduced this label to me, almost forcing me to feel all the emotion and sensation that this label could pass… then it passed“ Wendel Reis

White Blend:

How did the idea of making a white wine in Portugal come about and what is the technical tasting result (coming soon)


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