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Online Shop

Our online store provides you with a simple and easy purchase, from the comfort of your home. Pessoa Wines just a click from you!


The easiest way to purchase our wines is in our Virtual Store .

If you are close to Castelo Branco, you can find the Pessoa Wine Spot in the old city, a wonderful place to buy bottles or stay with friends and have a few glasses.

Of course, we are also represented by partners close to you. Get in touch with us to find out in which specialized stores or in which restaurants you can find our wines.

You can find our contacts here .

Shop Owners

Would you like to have our wines in your store? Glad to!

We have local distributors in several regions and we also ship directly to stores. We will find the best way to make our drops arrive.

Send us an email to vendas@pessoawines.com


Do you want to put our wines on your list? It would be a great pleasure.

We have specialized distribution solutions and in several regions we work with local distributors.

Send us an email to horeca@pessoawines.com

Distributor & Importer

Would you like to distribute our wines in your region or country? Contact us to discuss opportunities and details.

For distribution in Portugal send us an email to vendas@pessoawines.com .

To import our wines into your country, contact us via export@pessoawines.com .

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