• Detailed Information

    Detailed Information

    Our Touriga Nacional can be considered the most OUR wine of all ranges. The reason is very clear and simple: it was our first wine in Portugal.

    It is true that this wine was the beginning of Pessoa Wines. In 2009 when Jorge Gonçalves realized the dream he wanted so much, producing a wine in Portugal with his own brand, this Touriga Nacional is Pessoa Wines, just like Pessoa Wines is this Touriga Nacional!

    It was on the steep Douro terraces in Cima Corgo that it all started. These are the same terraces that gave rise to the Red Blend in 2015. They are influenced by the Douro River and the Távora River. The vines are at a height of 350 meters. The soil is schist that characterizes the oldest controlled denomination in the world.

    We chose Touriga Nacional because this variety is the queen of Portuguese grape varieties. Believe us that we treat it as such!

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  • Tasting Notes

    Tasting Notes

    Intense Ruby

    The wine shows intensely primary aromas of black fruits such as black cherry, wild blackberries, black plum and licorice. It also shows orange blossom and spices like nutmeg. Aromatic herbs accompany with thyme and rosemary.

    The wine is intense in the mouth and proves the sensation of the nose. It presents a well balanced acidity which gives us, together with the aromas of wild fruits, a very refreshing mouth feeling. This combination with primary fruits and the touch of spices brings us a balanced and pleasant wine. We found an intense finish with elegant tannins and gifts.

    A wine that is highly gastronomic. Its acidity and tannin call for a harmonization balanced. So it goes well with Grilled Meat, Game Meat Stew, Mushrooms or Seitan with Cream.

  • Viticulture & Oenology

    Viticulture & Oenology

    Grape from the Douro with the vineyard located in Cima Corgo on terraces that they are next to the Douro River and Rio Távora. A production of less than 7 tons per hectare guarantees an excellent quality of the grapes.

    The schistous soil gives a structured minerality and acidity, with firm but elegant tannins.

    The vineyard in 2015 was 25 years old.

    The grapes were hand-picked with a meticulous selection to guarantee the extreme quality of the final result.

    The wine was fermented with selected yeasts to guarantee the most fruity aromas and a linear style without distractions. Fermentation took place in cement tanks that guarantee a moderate temperature. We thus preserve the aromas and flavors as well as the elegance of this noble variety. The cement guarantees micro-oxygenation without influencing the primary weapons and flavors.

    It also aged in stainless steel for 6 months until bottled.

About the Label

Our labels are produced in partnership between Lívia Novais and the artist Wendel Reis, together they seek to read the message from inside the bottle to the outside, the Touriga Nacional label was not inspired by me or by Wendel but by the creator of everything this, Jorge Gonçalves was the one who created this label and Wendel redid the old label in watercolor, which was a photo of the TEJO river, yes I know you are a bit confused, but that is exactly what happened, Jorge was very connected to TEJO and he really wanted to make a wine in Beira Baixa, yes he simply made the label based on a photo of the Tagus River in fact more explicitly from Portas de Ródão in Vila Velha and this brought him the feeling of being at home.

“I love this landscape, when I created my first wine in the Douro, although it was very close to the wine region, I had this picture in my head, I wanted it, it was the scenery that I saw so many times when I was traveling with my parents from Germany, for the village of Perais in Vila Velha and this landscape was something that for me was as grand as the project and the wines I wanted to create in Portugal, so we recreated the image, but with a few boats to connect a little with idea of wine production in the Douro, but in truth it has always been the Tejo “ Jorge Gonçalves

Augmented Reality !!!

Finally, in 2017 we made the first augmented reality in wine labels in Europe, an animation that preserves the traits of Wendel and the movement and joy of this label that has become one of our favorites.


Touriga Nacional 2015 – Sold out

The last bottles of Touriga Nacional 2015 have already left our cellar and are now all drunk or stored in our customers’ cellars.

We made a new Touriga Nacional in 2019 but it wasn’t launched yet. We plan the launch for early 2022. If you want to get information about this new release or if you want to make a reservation, please send us a message.

If you don’t want to wait, we have more wines that may be of interest to you. You can also visit the shopping options or go directly to our Online Store .

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