• Detailed Information

    Detailed Information

    Summer Wine is born from the desire to show the feeling of the Portuguese summer. This wine it is created from the desire to show an aromatic varietal in a fresh and uncompromised way, while respecting all the Terroir that tells us this story.

    We do Summer Wine in Ponte de Lima. It is a monovarietal of the fantastic Loureiro grape variety.

    This wine has a lot of personality. We are proud to have created a white that surprises positively and the majority of those who try it are in love with it.

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    Other Vintages: 2019

  • Tasting Notes

    Tasting Notes

    Crystalline with a greenish citrus touch

    The wine shows intensely primary aromas of exotic fruits such as passion fruit, also stone fruit such as peach, and citrus fruits such as lime and mandarin. At the end there is a floral touch of white flowers.

    Intense in the mouth, proving the sensation of the nose. Well balanced acidity with the primary aromas showing a refreshing mouth feeling. An unctuous wine with a long finish.

    A white that can be drunk alone or accompanied with various dishes. Harmonize very well with oriental foods like Sashimi and Sauteed Mushrooms.

  • Viticulture & Oenology

    Viticulture & Oenology

    Grape from the Sub-Region of Lima. The vineyard is located in Arco de Valdevez on the banks of the Lima River.

    With a production of 9.5 tons per hectare, Loureiro guarantees to be of high quality

    The sandy soil with granite and clay gives a structured minerality and acidity.

    The vineyard is in 2020 at the age of 16.

    The grapes were harvested by hand, with a thorough selection to guarantee the extreme quality of the final result.

    The must was fermented with selected yeasts to preserve the primary aromas and guarantee the style of the wine. Fermentation took place in temperature controlled stainless steel vats (low). This is to maintain Loureiro's varietal aromas and flavors. This is an extremely aromatic variety that is very present in its maximum expression in this wine.

    It aged in stainless steel for 3 months before being bottled.

About the Label

Our labels are produced in partnership between Lívia Novais and the artist Wendel Reis. Together they seek to read the message from the inside of the bottle to the outside. For the Summer Wine label the idea came up on a trip to the beach, a feeling of freedom and pleasure from the Portuguese summer!

The Summer wine label was born in a very fun discussion between me and Wendel, we wanted to do something new and innovative, this way we created a label in motion that can be seen in an augmented reality, designed and thought out in detail by our artist and even the music was composed to give this air of beach and freedom with a touch of 70s and surf, that image arouses a desire to drop everything, pick up the bottle and go to the sea, one of the most creative and fun labels we have createdLívia Novais

Augmented Reality !!!

Finally, in 2017 we made the first augmented reality in wine labels in Europe, an animation that preserves the traits of Wendel and the movement and joy of this label that has become one of our favorites.


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