The Winemaker

Jorge Gonçalves

Jorge Gonçalves studied economics.
Later he decided to become a winemaker and for that purpose he studied a second time. It was at the University of Geisenheim that has one of the best oenology colleges in the world.
After finishing his course, Jorge ran away from the traditional way of working in a large company. Before, he started to travel and work in different wineries as a Flying Winemaker. In this way, he acquired know-how and learned about the different wine cultures around the world.
But it was in South Africa, next to the winery MAN Family Wines, that the winemaker started to make wines with passion and to further perfect his experience. He learned to combine the modernity of the New World with the elegance of the Old World.
As a child he dreamed of living in Portugal one day. But it was in this South African phase that the desire to develop his project in Portugal was born.
The land where his parents were born. The country where the passion for wines goes further. A Country where Terroir is present in each region. Because it is here that man, soil and climate inspire to create. It was from the passion for wine and Portugal that Pessoa Wines was born.

The Sommelière

Lívia Novais

Lívia Novais is a Sommelière with a background in gastronomy. A former chef who started to dedicate herself to the world of wine.
She has almost 10 years of experience and a postgraduate degree in wine marketing and business in the world of wine. Since 2021, she also holds the WSET Diploma, one of the most important wine degrees in the world.
Lívia was in charge of major projects in Brazil and Portugal.
The Brazilian chose Portugal as her second homeland. And it was not just for the incredible country that Portugal is. It was also because of these micro climates which are perfect for producing quality wines.
“Portugal is a world apart from the world of wines and we are unveiling these lands, flavors and aromas. We want to present our Portugal to the world.”


The Business Angel

Tyrrel Fairhead

Behind these two talented, committed and ambitious young makers is Tyrrel Fairhead.
He met Jorge in South Africa when he decided to move to Portugal. As an experienced entrepreneur, he has invested in the development of Pessoa. And endowed with a vast repertoire of skills in finance, marketing and human development, he has played an important role in the growth of the project.
Tyrrel was attracted to the creative energy of the Pessoa brand.
He believes in many innovative ideas, charming flavors and surprises to come. This while toasting for all this and yearning for more. He is one of the people of Pessoa.

The Artist

Wendel Reis

Graduated Graphic Designer at the Federal University of Goiás (UFG / FAV) Wendel did his postgraduate studies in Cinema at the Cambury College.
He has worked as an art director and illustrator for over 15 years. Wendel has experience in branding, product design and graphic design.
Wendel develops Pessoa Wines labels in collaboration with Lívia. The creative strength of this excellent professional is wonderful.
Wendel lives in Brazil.
“In addition to creating the Pessoa Wines labels, I am based on the history of wine and the landscapes of Portugal, there is no better inspiration than this.”

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