• Detailed Information

    Detailed Information

    Fernando Pessoa already said: "Wine is bottled poetry". Well I think that in this case the Portuguese poet would be proud of the result of this wine. Because we took seriously that he said.

    100 % Alvarinho with selected grapes and one-year of staging Portuguese chestnut barrel. Accompanied by a stage on fine lees and with frequent batonage.

    This wine is a tribute to the bottled poetry that the poet was referring to. An elegant wine, full of personality and that changes as if each day were unique. This was the inspiration that brought us the heteronymous Ricardo Reis.

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    Other Vintages: 2015

  • Tasting Notes

    Tasting Notes

    Crystalline with yellowish citrus touch

    The wine shows intense primary aromas of yellow fruits like peach and nectarines, citrus fruits like lime and a mineral touch like wet stone. The secondary aromas of the barrel aging and the integration with the wood are shown as dried fig, nutmeg, toasted notes and vanilla. In the tertiary aromas of the bottle stage we find a very slight touch of cooked quince.

    The wine is intense in the mouth, confirming the sensation of the nose. It has a well balanced acidity. Together with the fruity flavors it has a refreshing mouth feeling. It is full-bodied with a great integration of the wood, showing elegant and intense primary and secondary flavors. An unctuous wine with a long finish. It is recommended to decant for 30 minutes before starting to taste.

    Even having excellent company with him alone, this wine is extremely gastronomic. That is why he almost asks for a pairing with food. Its excellent acidity and its present body invites to harmonize with fatter dishes such as Bacalhau with Cream, Barbecue, Roasted Tofu or Grilled Tuna.

  • Viticulture & Oenology

    Viticulture & Oenology

    The origin of the grape for this wine is close to the River Minho and the village of Monção. The 2017 harvest gave us 7.5 tons per hectare. This way, we were guaranteed the high quality of these Alvarinho grapes.

    The soil is sandy with granite and clay. It gives us good minerality and a well-structured acidity. In 2017 the vineyard is 16 years old.

    The harvest was manual with a thorough selection to guarantee the high quality of the grape for a perfect final result.

    The wine was fermented with indigenous yeasts. In this way we were able to further increase the complexity of wine. This spontaneous fermentation took place in a new Portuguese chestnut barrel.

    Despite the varietal expression of Alvarinho, this wine aged on fine lees with frequent batonage. Thus, we increased the structured texture in the mouth and pronounced more complex aromas and flavors.

    The barrel maturation lasted 12 months. It was bottled without any fining or filtration. And it aged for another 6 months in the bottle before being released to the market.

About the Label

Our labels are produced in partnership between Lívia Novais and the artist Wendel Reis. Together they seek to read the message from the inside of the bottle to the outside.
The Heteronyms label was developed with a lot of sketch and scribble. It was created to convey the idea of how to write a poem and bottle it too.

“We created something that gave the impression of a range of complexity and personalities that this range wants to convey. Then, in the form of scribbles and splashes, a Fernando Pessoa was created who was accompanied by his heteronyms. As if the wine wanted to talk about its transformation inside and outside the bottle. ” Wendel Reis



Heteronyms, a glass in your hand and an idea in your head.

It was playing in a telephone conversation that we defined the existence of a range called Heteronyms. I was still living in Brazil when I had this idea and ran to tell Jorge. (coming soon)


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