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The Team

Who He is.

Jorge studied economics but decided to be winemaker after making the second college in one of the best winemaking universities of the world in Geisenheim University in Germany. Since then Jorge fled the traditional it would be working or intern in a large company and went on to travel and work in wineries like Fly Winemaker, acquiring culture and know-how and knowing diverse winemaking cultures throughout the world. And it was in South Africa alongside the MAN winery that the winemaker went on making wines with passion and refining further its knowledge, experiencing the modernity of the New World with the elegance of the Old World. It was at this time that was born the desire that since a child already existed: to live and develop in Portugal, land where his parents were born and the country where the passion for the wines goes beyond and where Terroir is present in each region. This is where man, soil and climate inspires creating and was the passion for wine, for Portugal and for Portuguese literature that was born the Person Wines, inspired by the writer Fernando Pessoa and the winemaker’s figure. He’s married to Lívia Novais and together are the people behind the label.


Who SHE is.

Lívia Novais is a Sommelière trained in gastronomy and former Chef who went on to dedicate herself to the world of wine. Today, with over 8 year experience, with post-graduate in wine marketing and wine business, besides the WSET Advanced Certification was ahead of major projects in Brazil and Portugal. Brazilian, chose Portugal as her second homeland. And it wasn’t just for the amazing country that is Portugal, also for these microclimates that are perfect for producing quality wines. “Portugal is a world apart in the world of wines and we’re uncovering these lands, flavours and aromas to present to the world our wine and Portugal”. Today she’s marketing director in Pessoa Wines and is married to Jorge Gonçalves and together are the people behind the label.


Our Business Angel

Behind these two talented, committed, and ambitious entrepreneurs is Tyrrel Fairhead. He has been investing in Pessoa and is an experienced businessman; qualified in finance, marketing, human development, and non-executive directorship. He enjoys working with the creative young energy behind the Pessoa Brand and expects many new ideas , delightful tastes , and surprises to come while you toast to it and expect more!!!


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