Our Terroir - Pessoa Wines
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Our Terroir


With historical personality, strong and unique, the Douro region comes filled with tradition and brings as backdrop a landscape that was carved by hand by people who believed and believe in the culture of its wine and terroir that surrounds them since 1600 representing the oldest controlled designation of origin in the world and a world heritage site. Its dominant nature is surrounded by the Douro River and brings the knowledge of decades of viticulture. History, culture, skill and a wide smile and look focused people, presenting wines with personality, focused on tradition with its slate soils and imposing altitude. Here rises our Pessoa da Vinha and the Heteronyms range.

Vinho Verde

Diverse, original and definitely the most creative Portuguese region. Owner of the most differentiated cultivation techniques of the world as the “enforcado” (cultivation technique which uses fruit trees as conduction system) in the middle of a nature accompanied by a embrace between the Minho and Douro rivers that bathe a green, robust and haughty landscape, almost on the border with Spain. This is where’s made the famous vinho verde, always fresh, pleasant, gastronomic and elegant in clay soils. Here comes to life a unique wine that would be impossible to see in any other region of the world that no such, expert in white wines from the lightest to the most full-bodied and lush. It’s its remarkable acidity that calls attention and an always fresh fruit without losing its varietal character that makes these wines and this region experiences as memorable as the people of this land ever ready and with open arms to receive. Here’s born the Pessoa da Vinha Vinho Verde range and the Heteronyms.

Beira Interior

Beside the Tagus River, it’s in the continental and hot region of Beira Interior that are made wines with personality and simplicity, as well as the culture of this smiling and working people with its wines not at all conventional. Beira Interior wines are very similar to the Dão wines, but are distinguished by grape varieties, either by the soil in which the grapes are grown, either by the rigorous and varied climate of mountain and plain but with very marked seasons. Here we’ve the concept of micro-climates very present. This region produces wines out of the mainstream with amazing quality. We chose these micro-climates as the Pessoa Wines home and it’s here where special wines of our Pessoa da Vinha range and Heteronyms are born.

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