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Our Labels

Our labels are beautifully crafted by talented Brazilian artists who get inspiration from as many sources as the cinema, the Portuguese history and its scenes, as well as the country´s viticulture, terroir and landscapes. The drawings and paintings depicted on the labels are all handmade, coloured by watercolour paintings or even with wine itself.



Graduated in Graphic Design, at the Federal University of Goiás (UFG/FAV) and post-graduated in cinema, at the Cambury University. I have more than 15 years experience as art director and illustrator. My working areas comprise branding, product design and graphic design. To create the labels for Pessoa Wines, I seek inspiration in the wine history and the landscapes in Portugal. It is everything one can dream of!


I give life to many tv series characters and also to the ones from the cinema and publicity. I see beauty in their flawed traits and love to picture them in an exaggerated way. My thrill comes from making people laugh. That is what inspires me.

 Andréa Morandini (copywriter, translator)

A little bit of me.
A sense of humour and a passion for animals could define me. However, when you define, you limit, and that makes me feel a bit claustrophobic. Writing helps me deal with my insanity. Travelling intrigues me and is tiresome… sometimes.
I have a degree in Marketing. Have been teaching and translating English for almost 2 decades. And creating is like breathing, natural and necessary.



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