Our History - Pessoa Wines
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We selected 4 regions in Portugal to make our DouroVinho VerdeBeira Interior and Alentejo wines.

Our wines bring each region with its complexities and creativity… discovering the Portuguese Terroirhas been a great adventure and a huge pleasure, to understand this land and what it has to say.

A strong passion

Pessoa Wines was born in 2009 as a joint venture between the winemaker Jorge Gonçalves and the South African winery MAN Family Wines. Comes from the passion for Portugal and the knowledge and experience comes from Germany where Jorge grew up and developed as winemaker, but since he was a boy he felt the strong connection and passion for the country where his parents were born. Portugal is his soul birthplace and producing here is more than a job is a dream come true.
Our company aims to create quality wines enjoying from the best: our land.

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