The Project

Pessoa Wines was born in 2009 as a project and the realisation of a dream of winemaker Jorge Gonçalves. He always aimed to produce wines in Portugal. In this way he wanted to express his admiration for the land of his Parents.

Jorge was born, grew up and lived for many years in Germany. He studied oenology in Geisenheim. He always wanted to return to the origins of his family and this is how this project was born. It symbolises everything the winemaker believes in: the union of the land, the climate and the soil in the hands of those who cultivate and produce.. Pessoa Wines is the expression of the people behind the label: the Pessoa da Vinha (= Person of the Vineyard).

Lívia Novais is a Brazilian sommelière and fell in love with Portugal. She joins Pessoa Wines in 2015. Together they are part of this young and dynamic project. Within the idea of an itinerant winery, they produce wines in the three regions Douro, Minho and Beira Baixa.


Our Wines

Our wines are our message. They express the terroir of each region and sub region where we produce. Fromt the Noth to the Centre of Portugal we are telling our story! Artistic labels give even more colour and life to our wines.

Pessoa News

Here you can follow everything that happens in our world... Stay tuned for news from Pessoa!


Summer Wine – Label with Augmented Reality!

02 March - 2021

In 2017 we launched our Summer Wine, a very aromatic Loureiro and full of expression. Both in the mouth and on the nose, an extraordinary wine that has been gaining attention in several places around the world. We love our labels that are made with a lot of art by the hands of Wendel Reis. […]

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Pessoa Wine Spot – The New Home of Pessoa!

02 March - 2021

We recently opened an exclusive space in the city of Castelo Branco. The Pessoa Wine Spot is located in the heart of the old town of Castelo Branco. Easy to find in the emblematic and historic Praça de Camões on the corner with Rua do Relógio. Our concept describes itself as a Wine Store, Wine […]

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Who we are, what we do and how we get our message across living day to day as the People behind the label.

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