The Team - Pessoa Wines
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The Team

Who He is.

Jorge studied economy but decided to become a winemaker after graduating at the Geisenheim Univerity, in Germany, considered the second best university in winemaking in the world. Since then, he has been travelling and working at wineries as a flying winemaker. This has enabled him to acquire invaluable experience and culture and also has provided him with the opportunity to learn from varied cultures and winemaking experts worldwide. It was in South Africa, however, more precisely at MAN Winery, that Jorge started to produce wine more passionately than ever, bringing his own experience to a new level. There he could combine the modern technology of the New World with the elegance of the Old World. It was then that he decided to fulfil his earliest dream: start his own production in Portugal, where the concept of terroir is experienced at every inch of its soil and climate. Inspired by the iconic Portuguese writer, Fernando Pessoa, Pessoa Wines comprises the passion for wine, for Portugal and for  literature.  Jorge is married to Lívia Novais. They are the people behind the label.


Who SHE is.

Lívia Novais is a sommelière trained in gastronomy. Worked as a chef and later started to study the fascinating universe of wine. Today, she is widely experienced, carrying a post-graduation certificate in marketing and business of wine, as well as the WSET Advanced Certification. She has been involved in a series of projects in Brazil and in Portugal. Being Brazilian, Lívia has chosen Portugal as a second home. Not only for the reason that she considers it an amazing country, but also because she believes Portugal is an outstanding place to produce wine. “Portugal is quite something when it comes to wine. We have this incredible opportunity to unveil it to the world through our Pessoa”. She is the Marketing Director at Pessoa Wines. She is married to Jorge Gonçalves. They are the people behing the label.