Our Terroir - Pessoa Wines
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Our Terroir


With a unique, strong and historical personality, Douro´s region is embedded in  tradition and is located in a landscape that was literally sculped by hand by people who believed in the wine culture and in the terroir that surrounded them. Since 1600, it has represented the eldest D.O.C. (Denominação de Origem Controlada),which is the English equivalent for Protected Designation of Origin. Douro became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2001. The region is surrounded by the Douro River and by hundreds of years of winemaking experience. Its history and culture are the house for people who show a broad smile on their face. Its imponent altitude and schist based soil are the special components for the Pessoa Wines Terroir range and the Heteronyms range.


The landscape in Alentejo unfolds in an indolent way amongst its smooth ondulations that barely hide vineyards, history and tradition and surround the cereal and olive trees fields, as well as cork oaks and evergreen oaks. They blend with hills and villages inhabited by friendly people who are fond of telling stories. And it is amidst such  charming atmosphere that a contemporary type of wine is made. That is why some call Alentejo the “New World in Portugal”. Pessoa Wines Terroir range and he Heteronyms range will soon be born here.

Vinho Verde

Diverse, original and certainly the most creative Portuguese region. It owns one of the most intriguing cropping techniques in the world: the “enforcados” (the technique uses fruit trees as a trainning-system). Close to the Spanish border, the region is located between the rivers Minho and Douro and is surrounded by a lush, verdant landscape. This is the house of vinho verde, always refreshing, pleasant and elegant. What makes this region so distinctive is the fact that it can produce a wide variety of white wines, from the lightest to the most exuberant and robust ones. Its distinguished acidity together with its fresh fruit characteristic make it a remarkable wine. This is the region where the Pessoa Wines Terroir Vinho Verde range  and the Heteronyms range are born and raised.

Beira Interior

Along the River Tejo, in the continental hot region of Beira Interior, wines are made with simplicity and personality. This certainly reflects the culture of these friendly, hard-working people. Although very unconventional, Beira Interior wines resemble the Dão ones. However, they are certainly distinguished by the grapes, either by the soil where they are grown, or by the climate, marked by well-defined seasons. The microclimate concept is quite present here. Wines are definitely not part of the mainstream type, yet they present remarkable quality. This is where we have chosen to be the house of Pessoa Wines and that is where our specials, Pessoa Wines Terroir range and Heteronyms range are produced.