Our History - Pessoa Wines
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Our History

Three regions in Portugal were carefully chosen to produce our wine: Douro, Vinho Verde and Beira Interior. We can say that each of them contribute to enrich our wine with its own complexity and unparalleled characteristics. Exploring the Portuguese terroir has been an exciting adventure and the source of endless pleasure as we uncover what this land has to offer.

A strong passion

Pessoa Wines was born in 2009, when the wine maker Jorge Gonçalves and the South African winery, MAN Family Wines, trasformed their expertise into a promissing enterprise. Its xxx comes from combining Jorge´s passion for Portugal and his know-how acquired in Germany, where he trained as a winemaker. From a very early age, he was already very attracted to the country where his parents were born and which would be the home to his own business in the future. Therefore, being able to produce in Portugal means more than just work, but also fulfilling a dream.